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About medieval weapons museum

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For this project, I produced a series of 3d models based on weapons from the medieval era, The purpose of this is to create a digital museum that accurately displays what the weapon looks like while keeping to industry standards during the 3d modeling process. I am aiming to create a lighted and textured area to display these objects as well as texturing each object. The project will be compiled using the unity game engine and a template will be used to allow us to walk around the scene we create.

Design Tools

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To complete this project, we had to learn and use a variety of software. We used Auto Desk 3ds Max to produce our models and also UV map our models, then exported them into adobe substance painter to create and export custom textures. Lastly, we exported out models into Unity in order to create a scene in which you can move around in and view the museum. 



During this project, I researched what weapons were used in the time period and found reference images to work off I also looked into how to achieve certain things in 3ds max for example how I looked into how to produce bolts for my shield I decided that either adding them in texturing or using the object paint tool is the best way.  As well as research we were taught key features and terminology. 

Design brief

My final plan was to produce an axe, sword, bow and arrow, dagger, war hammer, mace, shield, crossbow and an axe. These will be displayed in the museum. These weapons are all from the correct time period as my research shows. see the bottom of the page for a short description of each weapon.


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OIP (1).jfif

Concept art

cross bow concept art.png
spear concept art.png

Project plan

This is a rough plan of the steps I will take to complete the project...

1) Find references of weapons on google.

2)Draw Concept art to get a basic idea of the design and shapes of the weapons

3) 3d model in auto desk 3ds max

4) Uv Map Model using seams and uv checker feature.

5) Make textures in substance painter and export all texture maps.

6) Export models to Unity using fbx or obj format

7) Add textures to weapons inside the game engine

8) repeat for each item

9) Draw museum concept art

10) 3d model museum

11) 3v map museum

12) texture museum in substance painter

13) 3d model stand and texture it

14) once all imported move everything into place

15) add lighting to scene and collider boxes.

Jobs, industry and higher job research 

In the industry its common to want a skilled worker with knowledge of 3d modeling to industry standard and often they look at portfolios and also want someone who can design a verity of different 3d models as well as work from references. As always, they want skills that most employers want like teamwork. One such job is a design engineer or a game designer. These skills are also used in jobs like design engineering or animation.

There are a wide range of university courses such as game production at confetti which requires at least two A-levels or equivalent qualifications; and English and Maths Grade at least grade 4.

Skills Research 

When making this project I used hard surface modelling, object painting for textures, uv unwrapping and other key skills that I have used to create a set of 3d models. We also learned about the different types of texture maps.


During this I think what went well was the design and accuracy I have greatly improved my topology's and uv mapping however there is still room for improvement. I could improve my unwrapping and add more details to textures for example creating texture maps from images rather then substance presets being used.

Final Models 

By kai piper

axe mod.png
bow and arrow.png
shield mod.png


A medieval war axe specialized for combat. And is different from utility axe.

Bow and Arrow

A medieval recurve bow with a 

bullet arrow for range attacks or defense.


A medieval round shield, used by Viking raiders and the English.

 The Symbol is a Celtic design and is commonly used.



This sword is based on a templar sword with a rounded humble and a  slight tamper on the blade. This is a long sword.


This is a type of spiked mace. A swift and agile weapon used by many soldiers.


This is based off a Dagger used at the time but with blood effects added.

war hammer.png
cross bow.png

War Hammer

A powerful war hammer called a maul was used by the cleverly.


A combat spear made to kill. However not the best for hunting animals.

Cross bow

This is a Compound Crossbow that was common in late medieval times.

Templar shield

Based of medieval shields used by the knights templar...

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very shit

- Robert Johnson

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Kai Piper
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